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What if she says no???


So I finally got a hold of the woman I was going to ask to be my sponsor.  When she answered the phone I stumbled around but finally got out the words…”Would you maybe be willing to possibly be my temporary sponsor”?  Whew I did it!  That wasn’t so hard.  “Kristin” she said.  “I would love to but my sponsor has told me that I should not sponsor others at this time.  I am not sure if you know or not, but I am a licensed therapist and it was getting to be too much for me to council women during the day and after hours as well.  I am so sorry!  I really would like to but I have to follow orders on this one.  Do you have anyone else in mind”?  I quickly apologized and responded “No but I am sure I can find someone.  Really it’s no big deal.  I am so sorry to bother you.  I totally understand how busy you are”.  God I felt so stupid.  She followed up by asking me “So tell me, how have you been”?  We talked for about a half an hour.  What a fantastic talk too.  She was so honest and open and really wonderful to talk to.  She made me promise to call her while I was on the lookout for a sponsor.  I told her I would.  When I got off the phone, it occurred to me, that I had asked someone a question, I had been turned down and really nothing bad happened.  It was a revelation for me.  Sometimes the answer will be NO and that is okay.  I don’t need to drink in fear of hearing no or in disappointment from hearing no.   I didn’t die of embarrassment.  The world didn’t stop spinning.  It was just NO.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Thanks God for that gentle lesson that I so desperately needed to learn.  Thank you for putting this lovely woman in my path and for the wonderful conversation we had.   Now I am ready.  Will you please introduce me to MY sponsor? 


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